Who doesn’t like weddings? Weddings are nice, right? One of our clients who had an idea about starting a wedding management business online was keen to make it a big success with the startup boom, after meeting few IT service companies and asking for quotes to build a fully functional website. He was disappointed to see that he was only offered the typical ecommerce templates and was charged abruptly for that.

Awwwedding Case study

We got the opportunity to meet him and realised that this can be exciting task for us to be able to build a website that has two kind of users, those who are looking to book wedding services and those who will provide these i.e. the vendors and to give both a platform with the client’s idea of managing it and commercializing it.

After carefully understanding the idea we took a good 15 days for R&D and developed a prototype with some features, working and some sketches to give him the idea of how it is going to be.

Awwwedding Case study

With the suggestions from him we believed that there was a need for improvement and to delight the client we had to do something which might take more than just R&D. So we went ahead to meet the vendors done some interviews and build a prototype app for them to manage bookings and showed it to the client with the website for people who wished to book wedding services and immediately we got the yes from the client and after taking a good 2 months we gave our client what it wanted and it was nothing else but delight and a cheer to start his own business.

Here is what they had to say:

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